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The TriMadness 2014 Triathlon Naughty or Nice Checklist

“He’s making a list and checking it twice.  Gonna find out if you’re naughty or nice…”

While we all think that we fall into the “nice” category and will automatically receive gifts of new bikes, fancy aero wheels, new running shoes and the like under our tree, the real question is do we really know?

Best scene from Disney’s The Santa Clause movie….

Now is the time of year when it’s pretty important to assess whether you’ve been a good boy or girl and if Santa is going to bring you some triathlon goodness or a slew of flat tires.  As a public service, the editors of TriMadness have come up with a method that should help you decode your upcoming holiday gift haul.

Detailed below is a handy-dandy little survey much like the surveys in some of those trashy women’s magazines….not that I ever read them, I just look at the pictures…

Take a few minutes to read the questions and keep a tally of your points.  You’ll be able to see exactly where you land and what you should expect to get this year.  Please make sure you leave a comment with your score!

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