The 4th Annual TriMadness Christmas Eve Swim-til-your-arms-fall-off Extravaganza

My family gets a little crazy when it comes to Christmas.  Especially Christmas morning.  See, my kids get a little excited about opening presents.  In fact, just a few years ago, the entire family was up at 3:30am opening presents together.  My son could not sleep that year because he was so excited.  He kept calling us with his cell phone (we had threatened him not to come out of his room, and gave him a cell phone to call us so we could give him the all-clear….thinking that we wouldn’t get that call until at least 6am).  He literally called every 30 minutes, beginning at midnight.  Finally at 3:30, we caved and let everyone come down.  By 7, we were done opening presents, had played with everything (including being outside riding bikes or scooters) and were ready to take naps.

Ever since that pre-dawn package opening session, my wife and I have been on the elusive hunt for something to keep our kids in bed on Christmas morning.

Not too many years ago, we found the PERFECT thing.  A super-long, swim until your arms fall off, session at the pool on Christmas eve.  You may recall that my son swims competitively year-round.

And so, Christmas Eve morning, we take the annual pilgrimage to the pool with the goal of swimming almost to exhaustion.  For me, I could swim 100 yards and be exhausted, but alas, that’s a different story.

You can join in and participate in the Tri Madness Swim-Till-Your-Arms-Fall-Off Extravaganza too!

Below, you’ll find my workout.  Roughly 5000 yards of sheer arm exhausting bliss.  Go find yourself a pool that’s open on Christmas Eve and give it a shot.  If you’re really adventuresome, double it.  Or, if your last name ends is Lochte, triple it.  Either way, I guarantee that you will sleep really well on Christmas Eve – and you won’t hear the reindeer trampling all over your roof.

Click to download a PDF version

Click to download a PDF version