TriMadness Coaching Series

Below are links to the various articles in the TriMadness Coaching Series:

Part 1:  TriMadness Coaching Survey – The Results
Part 2:  TriMadness Coaching Series – The Prologue
Part 3:  Why Should I Use A Coach?
Part 4:  How Do I Pick the Right Coach?
Part 5:  How Do I Make the Coach-Athlete Dynamic Work?
Part 6:  What Should I Expect From a Coach?
Part 7:  Finances. How Much Does Coaching Cost?
Part 8:  What Should I NOT Do With a Coach?
Part 9:  Would I Be Better Off Being Self Coached?
Part 10:  What Are My Self-Coaching Options?
Part 11:  Book Review: Your Best Triathlon, Joe Friel