R.I.P. Beach to Battleship


World Triathlon Corporation today announced, as expected, that they had acquired Setup Events’ Beach to Battleship iron and half-iron distance races.

While some will certainly hail this as a good thing, there are others that will feel a certain amount of sadness.  And rightfully so.

I’ve never raced B2B.  I was planning on doing the full iron race in 2016 with a friend so he could cross off a bucket list item.  We were looking forward to the race for a lot of reasons:  a fast swim, a flat course, good swag, a fantastic vibe and great reputation, a good location (in the state where I grew up and in a town I often visited), and certainly a good value for our dollars.

There are, of course, things that will not change.  The course route isn’t changing.  The swim will still be fast.  The locals and volunteers will be out in force.

But things are changing.

Any time there’s a corporate takeover of a smaller, mom & pop outfit, the smaller changes.  In my opinion, that change is often for the worse.  Less personalized attention.  More generic products.  More crowds.  Less character.

I suspect that those fundamental – and quite unique – aspects of Beach to Battleship will be gone now.  In their place, you’ll likely find a similar experience that you’d get at any other Ironman brand race.

And while that’s cool for lots of people, it makes me sad.

So, rest in peace Beach to Battleship.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Beach to Battleship

  1. Of course, without Ironman, there would be no such thing as an Iron Distance triathlon. Ironman is also singlehandedly responsible for the surge of interest and participation in triathlon…which allowed races like Vineman and B2B to be born….

  2. I absolutely agree! This was my one and only full/IronMan Distance 2 years ago at the age of 56. I loved every minute of it (well maybe not the last 9 miles!:) but once again, IronMan seems to believe that they are the only ones that can do it. They did this in MD and took away an entire wonderful Tri weekend on the eastern short with IM Maryland. The local piece of this has now gone away and there are categories that will be no more. They offered a aquabike full distance which could be wonderful for many that either can’t do the run or those that continue to compete as they get older – past 60! It’s sad and I hope that IM understands that they may need to look at how to include other categories for those that want to compete in different ways. This comes down to health and it doesn’t always have to be about how big they get or how much money they can accumulate. I’m very glad I that I did this two years ago and have great swag to keep forever that says B2B 140.6!

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