Like a Phoenix

In mythology, the Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is repeatedly regenerated or reborn.  Basically, a Phoenix rises from the ashes of a prior Phoenix (which had likely passed in flames of glory).


Think Fawkes from the Harry Potter books and movies.

In the movie, Fawkes spectacularly burst into flames, only to be reborn as a new Phoenix chick.

Just as a Phoenix is reborn, so are a few other things:

For starters, this blog.  After a year-long hiatus, I’m back.  And I’ve got some things to say.  So hang on, check back often and enjoy the next cycle in the life of TriMadness.

Secondly – and perhaps more importantly, is that REV3 Triathlon is returning!  That’s right…after a year away, REV3 returns in 2016 with races in Knoxville, Williamsburg, Poconos Mountains, Quassy, Old Orchard Beach and Cedar Point!

The series known for family friendly race locations, awesome finishers swag and medals, the final finisher celebration, Glow runs, lobster bakes, and so much more is returning.

Just like a Phoenix.