A Triathlon Haiku (Rev3 Style)

Swim.  Bike.  Run.  Fear not.

For Rev Three brings the lobster.

Old Orchard Beach.  Fun!

Rev3 ME

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You Know You’re a Slow Swimmer When…

photo:  Jeff Cable (blog.jeffcable.com)

photo: Jeff Cable (blog.jeffcable.com)

As triathletes, we swim.  Some of us swim really well.  Some not so well.  Enter any triathlon and you’ll see people who are seemingly as fast as Michael Phelps.  That said, you’re just about as likely to find someone who can make a dog paddle look fast.

So today, direct from the home office in Whitefish, MT, here are the top 10 ways that you know you’re a slow swimmer:

10.  The aqua joggers are faster than you are.

9.  The lifeguard watches you, and only you, like a hawk.

8.  A baby crawling on the pool deck covers 25 yards faster than you do when crawling in the water.

7.  You spend so much time in the pool that the pool boy doesn’t need to add chlorine to shock the pool; he just tells you to get back in.

6.  Instead of having a low strokes-per-length count, you have a low lengths-per-hour count.

5.  Your partner can read the entirety of War and Peace while you do a 2000 yard workout.

4.  Instead of gentle taps on your foot, the swimmer behind you gives you a full foot massage.

3.   The six year old newbie on the swim team laps you.

2.  When you finish your 250 yard interval, your lane mates pity clap for you.

And the number one way you can tell that you’re a slow swimmer:

When your 12 year old daughter beats you in a 25 yard freestyle race….and you’re wearing fins!  (which may, or may not, have actually happened to me last night)

🙂  Happy swimming, y’all.  I’m off to the pool to try and get faster now.  I’ve got a 12 year old to beat.

#TBT – Old School Tri Products

Keeping with the trend of Throwback Thursdays, we’re going way back into the TriMadness vault for this post – and we’re going even farther back in the time machine for what this post is actually even about!

Today’s #TBT post comes from August 2011, and is all about Old School triathlon products!

Rewind to 1989.  I was in the midst of college, and home in Chapel Hill for the summer.  I needed a good summer job, and I was a cyclist – so where did I go?  Naturally, I went to the local bike shop to get a job.  Of course, it wasn’t any plain janebike shop.  I went to work for Performance Bike Shop.  Yep – the mail order bike shop that you may be familar with.  Only, I didn’t work that summer in the mail-order part of the business, I worked in the brick & mortar retail store in the next town over – Carrboro, NC.

Basically, during my time at PBS, I was counter help in the retail store.  I did some minor repairs and built more than a few bikes, but by and large, I was the equivalent of the dude at Abercrombie working the counter selling jerseys, shorts, etc.

In the late 80’s, triathlon was still a new, fringe sport.  And yet, we sold a TON of triathlon related stuff back then.  To share with you just how far we’ve come in terms of triathlon gear, I thought it worthwhile to pull some photos of some of the stuff we sold back in the day…


This is one of the earlier aero bars – the Profile Aerobar

This is one of the original Profile aerobars, and note the vibrant neon yellow coloring!  This was a highly popular aero bar back in the day.  Notice the lack of shifter placement – most shifters were still on the down tube at this point.

Nike Sock Racer.  The ORIGINAL minimalist racing flat!

Why buy a solid-core disc wheel when you could buy a vinyl wheel cover that you add on to your wheel.  The material was similar to lots of the window shades you can purchase for your car windows.  Cheap speed!

Bolle shades.  Hardly anything better (except the original Oakley Blades).

Why DRINK your electrolytes when you can just CHEW them?!

Looking for Multi-Sport Holiday Bargains?

As of today, there are thirty-four shopping days left until Christmas, and just eight until the start of Hanukkah. Next Friday officially kicks off the shopping season in the United States, with Black Friday and then Cyber Monday.  As you know, these two days are the biggest shopping days of the year, and retailers everywhere offer tons of discounts and sales to entice you to spend your hard-earned dollars with them.  It’s time to get ready to get your shopping grove on!

If you’re shopping for a triathlete, cyclist, or other endurance athlete, chances are high that you might be looking for bike components, nutrition items, clothing, wheels, computers, lights, helmets, shoes, wetsuits, and much, much more.  Or, perhaps, you’re just a bargain shopper and like to find the deals and bargains that come around this time of year.

For the last several years, Michael Hutto – one of my Team Rev3 Tri teammates – has put together a  really comprehensive list of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals relating to triathlon and multi-sport.  He’s doing it again for this year (click on the image below to go to his site).  Some of the bargains last year were really good – and Michael does a great job of finding the deals, consolidating them into one place, and then sharing for all to benefit.

So – happy shopping!  And, if you need any present ideas for me, just let me know!  🙂


Hey, Mr. Announcer Guy!

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend time at a swim meet.

And if you have ever been to a swim meet, you know that they last forever.  And ever.  And ever.  They are just so SSSSSS-LLLLLLL-OOOOOO-WWWWWW.  I mean, I think paint dries faster.

Over the years, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time at meets.  My son swims, and typically is in half a dozen or more meets per year.  I typically just sit in the stands with the other parents (he’s too old to want to sit with Dad any longer), only getting up to go watch him race.  It makes for a long, long day typically.

So here’s the kicker about this past Saturday’s swim meet:  My son wasn’t swimming.  And I still spend the entire morning there.

I was called upon to be the meet announcer.  I had the opportunity to be the “voice” of the meet.  You know – the guy introducing the races, announcing the results, telling people where the bathrooms and snack bar are, giving shout-outs.  That guy.


It was a BLAST!

It was a chance for me to rekindle my fondness for talking into a microphone.  To hear my voice broadcast across open space.  To remember my days as a radio DJ.

TriMadness in the studio at WASU-FM (the campus station at Appalachian State University) in 1991.

TriMadness in the studio at WASU-FM (the campus station at Appalachian State University) in 1991.

Apparently, I was using my “DJ voice”, as I had lots of kids come up to me just to tell me that I sounded so different over the PA system.  Maybe I was just channeling my inner James Earl Jones.  Perhaps there was a lot of bass in the speakers.  Who knows?

This may well be the way I choose to spend many more of my Saturday mornings.

Just hand me the mic.