A Triathlon Marriage Made in Heaven


About a week ago, Rev 3 Triathlon and Challenge Family Triathlon announced that they would merge and create an even stronger North American race series than the two could have created independently.

Social media exploded.

In fact, I think the news might have broken the internet.

OK – perhaps that didn’t happen, but there was an overwhelming response to the announcement.  Across the board, people were excited, hopeful for great things, and appreciative.  And those were just the M-Dot clones.  The die-hard Rev3 fans shared some bitter-sweetness regarding the loss of the Rev3 brand, but really excited about the merger and the potential the merger brings to the long course triathlon scene.

What do I think?

Honestly, I’m pretty stoked about this.  Now, I’ve never done a Challenge race before.  While they have put on races here in North America (notably Atlantic City, Rancho Cordova, CA, and more), historically, Challenge has been concentrated internationally.  They are super well known for a bunch of races – perhaps best known for their race in Roth, Germany.  Everything I’ve heard about Challenge is that their approach to triathlon and Rev3’s approach to triathlon are highly aligned.

We are Triathlon!” is Challenge’s tag line.  When you read their website, it’s really evident that the “we” in their tag line is not just the company.  It’s the athletes.  The families.  The spectators.  The vendors.  The volunteers.  Everyone associated with a race.

What an awesome concept – and how true.  We as triathletes aren’t the only ones involved in this sport.  Our spouses support us.  Our kids put up with us talking incessantly about training.  Heck, even our pets train with us some.

Challenge brings the term “family friendly” to home, because, well….they ARE a family.  Literally.  The company is family owned (not some huge private equity firm).  And while I know that a company’s core values are often just words on a page, I’m really impressed with some of Challenge’s core values:

  • Authentic
  • Excitement
  • Connected to athletes and partners
  • Relationships
  • Passion

These aren’t all of their core values.  Certainly their other values are no less important, but what stands out to me is that each of the above values is so focused on celebrating our sport, the athletes, and the hard work that each of us puts in.

get these values.  More than that, these are the values that I want from a race company.

So am I excited about this merger?  Heck yes, I am.  It seems to me that Challenge and Rev3 are a perfect match for each other.  100% compatible.  It’s like they were destined to find each other.

Sure seems like this new merger is a match made in Heaven!