Umm…Yeah….April Fool’s!

So, earlier this week (on Tuesday April 1st) I posted a nifty little post about how I was turning pro:




It was a big April Fool’s joke.

I think most of you “got it”.  I got some really funny comments and tweets confirming that.  A couple of people agreed that Michele Ferrari (who, by the way, was Lance Armstrong’s DOPING physician) would no doubt help in optimizing my performance.  Others really liked the concept of traveling around the country in a 1968 VW bus…which in reality might be a cool idea, but not with three teen-aged kids and 2 dogs!

What was really crazier, though, were a handful of comments and tweets congratulating me and wishing me well in my new career!

While I really appreciate those sentiments, clearly I am no where near a gifted enough athlete to become professional!  Unless I chose beer-drinking or sports-television-watching as my chosen sports.

So…thanks for the well wishes, but the joke’s up!



2 thoughts on “Umm…Yeah….April Fool’s!

  1. I knew it!! Work has been eating all my time which was why I only sent you a quick tweet to let you know I was onto you. All Powerbars all the time? ugh Fooling aside, you’re a rockstar!

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