A Five-Pack of Awesomeness


This is the fifth year I’ve been on the Rev3 Tri age group team, and I’m totally stoked about it!

My team kit arrived over the weekend – and I’m chomping at the bit to wear it.

Last year, one of my teammates posted a similar picture as the above, and I thought I’d steal the idea.  The picture is the progression of team kits since I’ve been on the team, starting on the left with my a Kermit-the-Frog green Team Trakkers kit.  Team Trakkers was ultimately re-named Team REv3 Tri.  Frankly, I LOVE this color – and I’m not a big “green” fan.

Blue is my favorite color, though, and our kits the last couple of years have included at the very least a little of this color (it helps that blue is the official color of Rev3!).

This year’s kit is my favorite so far.  I love the graphics and the fact that that the kit clearly says Rev3 “Team” on it – I think that is a first.  What makes this even more special is the special logo placed right over the heart – you may see it just as “DN”, but if you make the picture bigger, you’ll see that the logo actually says “In memory of DN”  This is to help us honor David Naelon, a teammate who suddenly passed away earlier this year.  I’m proud and honored to race this year for David.

See you at the races!