Valentine’s Day – Triathlon Style

So last year for Valentine’s Day, I latched on to a concept that was running amok through my Rev3 teammates and jumped on the #Rev3Valentine bandwagon. I posted this blog post below; some of the pictures cracked me up last year. As I looked at it again this year, I found myself giggling yet again, so I decided to re-post. Happy #Rev3Valentine!


I’m not sure what it is about Valentine’s Day, but this holiday sure does seem to bring out the creativity in folks.  I mean, what’s not creative about shelling out an absurdly large amount of money on 12 flowers?  OK, I’m kidding.

Seriously, some folks are crazy creative and go all out for days like today.  They get singing telegrams, they buy jewelry, they take their significant others out to eat, the snuggle.  Well, yesterday many of the folks on the Rev3 age group team had an email conversation about crazy things that you might hear a triathlete say or things you might see around a triathlete’s Valentine’s Day mailbox.  I’ve listed a few of them here (some are a little on the NSFW side – imagine that). 

Be on the lookout on Twitter today, as some of these just might pop up there too – under the hashtag #Rev3Valentine.










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