A Shining Star Dimmed – Updated!

There are days that you wish never occurred.  Today has been one of those days.

The world of triathlon, alas the world in general, has lost a spectacular man.

David Naelon, one of my Team Rev3 teammates, passed away today.  David was a true gentleman.  A Christian.  A husband.  A cancer survivor.  A fighter.

I’m saddened by his passing.  I grieve for his wife Ashley and their families.  Yet, I have faith that David is now off doing something more important.

God bless your soul, David.  And God bless your family.


David was a long-time Jim Valvano fan, and was a supporter of the V Foundation for Cancer Research.  Please help honor David by making a donation to the V Foundation in David’s name.  You can contribute by clicking over to the donation page (HERE).    When prompted, please select that the gift is made in memory of David Naelon.  You don’t need to include any information related to Notification Recipient.  Thanks for your generosity and support of David.

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