The Unveiling

So late last night I tweeted, “Guess who is back for season #5?  Hoping to make this the best one yet.  #triathlon @REV3TRI”


For the fifth year, I’ll be part of Rev3’s age group triathlon team.  An I’m as excited as ever about it!  Over the years I have met some amazing people, done some fantastic races, and really fallen in love with a company.  That may sound a little weird, but it’s true.  

Rev3 is not “just” a race production company.  They are a family company.  They were founded by people who thought that the triathlon experience needed to be more family centric.  You see the result of this at every race – be it Glow Runs, bounce houses for kids, allowing family to run with you across the finish line, and so much more.

In any case – I’m so glad to be back on the team.

And now for the unveiling – one of the perks of being on a team is the uniform/kit you get to wear.  The Rev3 kits have always been AWESOME – even going back to when the team was called Team Trakkers.  And the 2014 kit is no exception!

This year’s kit is again made by Pearl Izumi – who in my opinion makes just about the best kits around!  I love the graphics on this year’s kit – and the colors!  LOVE THEM!

Without further adieu…the official 2014 Rev3 Tri team kit:


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