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As we approach December, most North American & European triathletes begin to hunker down into the off-season.  We use this time to focus on trouble areas, to recharge our batteries, and to take advantages of cross-training opportunities (such as cyclocross, cross country running, and skiing).

For me, this is actually the beginning of my 2014 season.  See, 2013 never really happened due to injury.  I’m still “technically” injured; I can’t run due to ongoing issues with my foot.  As a result of this bum foot, I didn’t race at all this year.  Frankly, I missed racing.  Heck – I miss the simple act of going for a run!

Alas, I’m going to start prepping for 2014 as if I will be healthy.

This winter is the season where I will become a swimmer again.

Over the next three months, I’m planning on swimming a ton.  I’ll do drills.  I’ll do short sets.  I’ll go hypoxic.  I’ll do endurance sets.  I’ll swim with a band.  I’ll do pull sets.  I’ll do swim-specific dry-land exercises.  I may even learn how to do a flip turn (but don’t hold your breath for that one).

More to come, but this week kicks off “Project Swim”


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  1. I’m with you. I missed two races (so far) and my focus will also be on swimming. I plan to run in the water, as well. My doc said that Mary Decker actually had surgery in her calves (splitting her fascia in order to make room for her expanding muscles) and ran in the pool for her training. The first time she ran on land she set a PR in 10k meter. It’s possible. Apparently. Hang in there!

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