And the Tweet of the Year goes to…

If you are on Twitter at all, chances are that you’ve seen some pretty witty or solid or even epic Tweets.  I know that I try to be fairly entertaining at times.  But I know that I’ve never Tweeted something out as good as the one below.  To me, this one just about takes the cake (at least in terms of Triathlon-related Tweets).

The back story is that the other day, Ironman Triathlon tweeted out a link with what they thought were tips or best practices for making a triathlon a perfect family “race-cation”.  The VERY first response to that Tweet was the one below.  Making it even better….not just the first, but ALL of the responses to this Tweet are of similar nature.

I guess the responses that Ironman got weren’t exactly the ones they were hoping for….but they are SO the truth!