Run! Run! Run!

This sticker has been a great description of the amount of run training I’ve been doing this year:


I’ve had a fairly nasty bout of plantar fasciitis since January.  In fact, I not only had just inflammation and pain, I actually TORE the dang thing.  A while back I had a cortisone shot in my heel – which felt awesome, by the way – that seemed to help with some of the pain and discomfort.  The cortisone didn’t heal my foot, though, and so I’ve been dealing with ongoing pain, tightness, discomfort.  About six weeks ago, I got clearance from my podiatrist to start running very low mileage and at a very slow pace.

I’ve been a good patient.  I’ve run some – never more than a couple of miles, an never faster than about a ten-minute mile pace.  Low and slow…that’s been my motto.  I’ve also been super diligent about rolling and stretching.  I’ve iced.  I’ve used electrical stimulation (via my Compex unit….an amazing tool).  I’ve used my NormaTec boots hoping that they’d help flush out any residual swelling in my foot.  Slowly and surely, my foot has become less angry. 

But this improvement hasn’t come all that easy.  You see, there have been days where my foot really didn’t like me.  I’d go for a run, ice it down, etc…and still I’d be hobbled.  I would be in such pain that it’d be difficult to walk without a limp and I’d be popping Motrin like it was SweetTarts.  Other days, I’d have literally no pain at all in my foot.

This yucky cycle prompted me to tweet this comment:


Well, finally, I have what seems to be some good news to report.  I ran PAIN FREE last night!  It wasn’t a really long mile (just 2 miles) and it certainly wasn’t fast (9:38/mi pace)…but I had NO PAIN!

And to make things even better….

My foot isn’t hurting at all today!

Of course, all this makes me happy and optimistic that I’m close to getting over this crazy injury.  We shall see.

Have you ever had an injury that seemed to take forever to heal?  How did you deal with it?


3 thoughts on “Run! Run! Run!

  1. Turned (sprained?) my ankle on a trail run in December with a hard fall and I was shocked at how long it hurt (and still sometimes does). I’m a little paranoid about getting injured now.

  2. Awesome to hear that a run is almost back to possible. I strained both calves last summer trying to transition to a forefoot strike and it took me out for 3-4 weeks solid and I don’t think they’ve ever truly healed as I can still feel them today on longer runs and speed workouts. Point being – don’t rush it back or you might be dealing with it even longer than you already have.

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