And The Winner Is…

Much like the NCAA basketball tournament, the first-ever TriMadness March Madness contest is over.  One team was voted as the overall triathlon national champion; one lucky person won an awesome prize package from Powerbar and SBR Sports!

There wasn’t as much voting in the final championship match up as I’d hoped (only five entries – least of the entire March Madness), but regardless, the game came down to two really good competitors:  Rev3 Maine and Craig Alexander.  The results were close, but decisive:


Throughout the contest, we’ve been talking about an amazing prize package that was to be given away at the end of the contest.

Today, I consolidated all of the entries (giving additional entries for tweets, follows and correctly picking the winner).  There were a total of twenty-four entries in the pot.  A little trip over to to enter the particulars, and I got this:


I checked my handy-dandy spreadsheet, and the winner is:


Congratulations, Melanie!  You’re the winner of a HUGE and AMAZING prize package courtesy of Powerbar and SBR Sports.

Here's the amazing prize pack you could win if you're the lucky winner of the TriMadness March Madness giveaway!

Here’s the amazing prize pack you could win if you’re the lucky winner of the TriMadness March Madness giveaway!

You win:

  • A case of 24 Kona Punch PowerBar gels. 
  • A tub of Powerbar Ironman Perform Lemon-Lime Electrolyte drink mix
  • Two 6-count boxes of the brand new PowerBar Energy Blends (one Apple-Strawberry-Mango flavor, the other Banana-Blueberry flavor)
  • Full-sized containers of Tri-Swim anti-chlorine Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion!
  • Two cans of Tri-Slide…the BEST anti-chafe lubricant on the market
  • Two three-pack containers of Foggle…premium anti-fog wipes.  Each wipe can be used up to five times if re-sealed after use.

So – Melanie – head over to the contact me page and email me your mailing address so I can ship this goodness off to you!

The rest of you….hang tight…we’ll do another contest soon enough!

Thanks for reading – and for playing along in TriMadness’ March Madness!