A Shockingly Cool Experience!

One of the really cool benefits of being on Team Rev3 is that we get access to some very amazing products.  For example, we’re lucky enough to be able to use Normatek’s awesome MVP pneumatic compression system, we get superior products from Powerbar and SBR Sports (Tri-Slide, Foggle, and Tri-Swim products), and have other great sponsors.  We were really excited to add Biotta Naturals to our sponsor list this year (maker of great tasting and healthy juice products).

Well, this week the folks on the team and I are getting our hands on a new product – and I’ve got to tell you, it’s electrifying!

No really.  It’s shocking how cool this product is!  It will really amp you up!

OK….ok.  I’ll stop with the puns.

The newest tool in our triathlon stable is Compex’s Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator.


For those of you who may not know what a muscle stimulator is, basically this is an electrostimulation unit that has been widely used in the health care industry.  Compex is a tool to assist with building muscle size and strength, increasing power, active recovery and more.  Basically, electrical muscle stimulation mimics the way your body works to cause muscles to contract and fire.  For all intents and purposes, your muscles act as if you’re working out, lifting weights, or whatever – except that instead of voluntarily firing off (because you, say, lift something), the muscles fire when given a very particular electrical impulse.  There’s a whole ton of science behind the use of electrical muscle stimulation (I’ll get more into that in a future post).

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this tool – and mine finally arrived earlier this week.  Having scoured the materials that came with the Sport Elite unit – as well as other information online – I was super excited to give this thing a try!

And so, last night I used my Compex for the first time.

And I think I really liked it!

I did a 30 minute trial run on my foot to see how this might help with my plantar fasciitis recovery.  I did a 30 minute “active recovery”.  This felt really cool.  I’d describe the sensation almost as tingling – sort of like your foot or leg feels when it falls asleep…but not painful.  It is odd, though, to watch the muscles in your foot move and jump without me trying to do anything.

You can literally use the Compex Sport Elite to help you strengthen any muscle group you’ve got.  Back?  Check.  Shoulder?  Check.  Gastroc?  Check.  Abs?  Check.  Wait…..ABS????  Seriously?


On the off-chance that this can help me build a six-pack of abs, I decided to (don’t judge me) try this on my abs!  I hooked the leads up to my lower abs (or as my wife calls it…my frontal muffin top) and turned this thing loose for an hour on “Endurance” setting.  I jacked the setting up as far as I could tolerate, and went to town while watching a couple of episodes of Duck Dynasty on the DVR.  Here’s where it got cool….it felt like I was doing a ton of crunches – but I wasn’t actually doing anything.  Muscle contraction.  Rest.  Muscle contraction.  Rest.  It was AWESOME!

Guess what?  Today I feel like I did about 1000 crunches.  My core is really tired feeling.  I feel like I had one hell of an ab workout yesterday.  How cool!

I’ll be experimenting with this on other muscle groups over the next few weeks, and will ultimately do a full-blown product review.  More to come!


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  1. Really interesting and I’d really enjoy hearing how you like it after a couple of weeks of continuous using? Is there any long term positive impacts or is it short term, time of use, benefit only?

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