TriMadness March Madness Contest & Giveaway: ENTER NOW!

If you’ve been reading the blog over the last couple of weeks, you’re well aware that we’ve been playing a little March Madness game – triathlon style. 

The game has had four regions and started with 32 teams.  Just like our own little version of the college basketball tournament that has been going on in the US the last couple of weeks.  We’ve whittled the teams down to the Final Four teams.  It’s now time for us to not only figure out who the Triathlon National Champion is, but more importantly, it’s time that we figure out who gets to walk away with close to $200.00 worth of outstanding product from Powerbar and SBR Sports!

So who made it to the Final Four?  We’ve got four really tough competitors:  IT Band Syndrome, Craig Alexander, Bike Trainer, and the Rev3 Maine race medal.  Who will ultimately win and be crowned the TriMadness National Champion?  At this point, no one knows!

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Over the next six days, you have the opportunity to enter the giveaway and partially chose which team will win.  You also have the opportunity to influence your number of entries and potentially increase your odds of winning the contest!

What will you win?

Here's the amazing prize pack you could win if you're the lucky winner of the TriMadness March Madness giveaway!

Here’s the amazing prize pack you could win if you’re the lucky winner of the TriMadness March Madness giveaway!

A TON of AWESOMENESS!!!!!!  OK, more specifically, you will win:

  • A case of 24 Kona Punch PowerBar gels. 
  • A tub of Powerbar Ironman Perform Lemon-Lime Electrolyte drink mix
  • Two 6-count boxes of the brand new PowerBar Energy Blends (one Apple-Strawberry-Mango flavor, the other Banana-Blueberry flavor)
  • Full-sized containers of Tri-Swim anti-chlorine Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion!
  • Two cans of Tri-Slide…the BEST anti-chafe lubricant on the market
  • Two three-pack containers of Foggle…premium anti-fog wipes.  Each wipe can be used up to five times if re-sealed after use.

This carton of goodness retails at close to $200.00!!!!!  And it could all be yours if you’re the lucky winner.

So how do you get in on this action?  There are lots of ways (detailed below):

  • Leave a comment below picking who you think will win the ultimate TriMadness National Championship.  You get one entry for your comment.  If you happen to predict the actual winner of the contest, I’ll give you 3 additional entries.  So….you could get up to 4 entries, just by picking the ultimate triathlon champion!
  • Tweet the following phrase:  I just entered #TriMadnessMarchMadness giveaway featuring great prizes from @SBRSports @Powerbar & @TriMadness.  You’ll get 1 entry for tweeting it. 
  • Retweet anything I tweet about the contest between now and next Sunday evening, and I’ll give you one additional entry for each re-tweet (limited to 1 extra entry per day…meaning you can retweet 15 things per day, but you will only get 1 extra entry per day)
  • Put a link to my contest on your blog.  Backlink the actual hyperlink above, and I should get a notice that you’ve done that.  You’ll get 1 entry for doing that
  • Follow @SBRSports and @Powerbar on Twitter.  Leave me a comment below that you did so (and your Twitter handle).  Once I confirm that you did so, you’ll get 1 entry for each company.  If you’ve already followed these companies, leave me a note as well (again, with your Twitter handle) and you’ll get 1 entry for each company
  • VOTE BELOW to help pick the winners!  You won’t actually get points for doing this, but you might just increase your potential entries by helping determine who the national champion is!

So there.  You can get up to 14 entries into the giveaway.  The voting and contest will run from right now until 11:59pm ET on Sunday, April 7th.  On Monday, April 8th, I’ll combine all the entries into an Excel spreadsheet and then use a random number generator to determine exactly who will win!

Fine print:  The contest is open to any resident of the United States or Canada.  If you are a member of the US Military and are deployed on active duty outside of the US, you can enter me by emailing me using the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page.

Enter now!  Vote below for the Final Four.  I’ll update the bracket and give the final national championship game on Thursday.



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