The TriMadness March Madness Elite Eight Is Here!

Our fun little triathlon themed March Madness contest is in full-on fun mode!  We’ve made it through the first two rounds.  The pretenders have been eliminated.  The contenders are left standing. 

The Sweet 16 match-ups were essentially everything but sweet.  Of the eight “games”, seven were blow outs.  The closest match was the Bike Trainer vs Heart Rate Monitor match-up in the Tools of the Trade region.  Bike Trainer won by just two votes!  The rest were essentially no-contests.  Especially in the Pro Triathlete region, which surprised me a little.

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Remember, all this March Madness fun is getting us narrowed down to the really fun part.  The TriMadness March Madness National Championship contest – where you will have the chance to pick the ultimate national champion and win an AMAZING prize pack valued at close to $200 from SBR Sports (makers of Tri-Swim Anti-Chlorine products, Tri-Slide personal lubricant, and Foggle Anti-Fog wipes) and Powerbar (makers of wicked good nutrition products).  To get to that part where you’ll be able to actually enter to win, though, we need to narrow down our tournament teams to the Final Four!

All you have to do is vote for your winner in each region.  It doesn’t matter how you pick your winners.  Just pick them!  Had IT Band Syndrome but not Plantar Fasciitis?  Vote for IT Band.  Think Mirinda is cuter than Crowie?  Vote for her.  Like lobster better than blue crabs?  Vote for Rev3 Maine.  Hate your foam roller?  Vote for Bike Trainer instead.  Or whatever.  Close your eyes and just click.  Ask your dog to help you vote.  Again – it doesn’t matter how you pick a winner….just PICK!

The TriMadness March Madness Elite 8 voting will be open from right now until 11:59pm EST on March 31st.  So VOTE!  Vote early and often (yes, you can vote more than once).  YOU are picking the FINAL FOUR!