Friday Fasties….

Here’s a quick, bulletized, update for the day!

  • TGIF!  I’m so glad today is Friday.  I’m off today, and getting ready to do some major “honey do” items.  Not to be mistaken with Honey Boo Boo.  Mulching, shrub trimming, cleaning the pool…ya know, stuff like that.
  • Spring break has started for my kids.  They are off today, all next week, and then Easter Monday – which is great for them, not great for me.  See, I’m not taking time off, so I’m a little jealous.  OK…more than a little jealous.
  • My plantar fasciitis and torn plantar fascia experience continues.  Still no running; I go back to the doctor next week.  Interestingly, the pain in my heel has really felt pretty good for a week or so – still a little tight, but not too bad.  Well, yesterday, all of a sudden, it started really hurting again.  I was hopeful that one cortisone shot would really help and I could start rehabbing (and running) again, but I’m a little pessimistic about that now. But, gosh – I REALLY want to run.  I honestly can’t believe I just wrote that.  Running hasn’t been my favorite part of tri in a long time….
  • March Madness got rolling yesterday, and there were some blowouts…and a few good games.  I’m excited to watch a little bball tonight.
  • If you haven’t voted in the first round of TriMadness’ March Madness tournament, go here and do so!  Your vote is important (and needed)
  • I’m doing something on Sunday that I haven’t done in years.  I’m going to Disney World.  My kids have pretty much aged out of the whole Disney experience, but my brother-in-law are down for their spring break…and he has two kids under 6 (prime-time Disney age).  So we’re going to hang with them.  Now, if I can just keep “It’s a Small World After All” from getting stuck in my head.  Dang it.  I think I just got it stuck!  Ughhh.
  • I spent some time yesterday calling athletes and talking about Rev3 Branson.  That was a really cool experience.  I talked to a couple of guys who were really excited about the race and were also pretty impressed that someone representing Rev3 called them.  One thing that totally blows me away about Rev3 is that the whole company – and all 53 of us on the age group team – really want Rev3 races to be something different than any other race.  It’s certainly about having compelling and fun races – but there’s so much more.  Family activities, great locations, and more.  It gets me totally fired up to share something I really love with others.  Hopefully some of these folks will end up racing in Branson!
  • Pool time tonight; doing a two-hour trainer session tomorrow (going to do two “Trainer Tuesday” workouts from Frayed Laces).

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fasties….

  1. Mulching? I have to wait for snow to melt to do that, I’m jealous.
    I see my team is practically dead already.. but I will forever be TeamRoadRash
    No one from Rev3 called me.. then again I talk to Carole almost every day. I am excited that my first half will be a REV3 race tho. I have plans!!

  2. Will be in Branson for family vacation the end of June, but the Rev3 race is the same weekend as a half marathon in Columbia that I promised a friend I would run with her. Seriously hoping to race in Branson another year though. It is one of the closer races to me. Have to admit the hills scare me a little.

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