TriMadness’ March Madness Tournament & Contest

This is the time of year when college basketball fans in the US (and maybe other countries too) become glued to their televisions as they watch the annual NCAA basketball tournament unfold, ultimately leading to the crowning of a national championship.  The tournament is fondly referred to as March Madness.

I grew up in the hotbed of college basketball – North Carolina’s “Triangle” region.  Specifically, I grew up in Chapel Hill – home of the University of North Carolina.  I was, and still am, a HUGE Tar Heel basketball fan.  I guess when you cut your teeth watching the likes of James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Michael Jordan, Eric Montross and “Psycho T” Tyler Hansbrough it’s tought not to be a fan.  That is unless you’re a fan of that other blue-clad team from 8 miles down the road (Duke).

Since I’ll be spending much of the next three weeks watching, living and breathing the basketball tournament, I thought it would be fun to have our own little version of March Madness.

Enter TriMadness’ March Madness Tournament and Contest.


TriMadness’ March Madness Tournament bracket (click to enlarge)

It’s a contest everyone can play – and you’ll have a shot to win a great prize at the end!

Here’s how the tournament will work.  There are four “regions” consisting of 8 “teams” each.  The “regions” are:  Triathlete Injuries, Professional Triathletes, Tools of the Trade, and Race Medals.  For each round of the tournament, I’ll post polls for each game in that round.  So, for example, tomorrow you’ll see a poll for IT Band Syndrome versus Broken Collarbone.  Whichever of those “teams” gets more votes in the poll will win and advance to the next round.  The first round will begin tomorrow.  All you need to do for the next two weeks is help pick the winners of each round.  Use whatever logic you like.  Pick your favorite “team”.  Pick the “team” with the best colors.  Whatever.  Just pick.

Once we get to the finals (April 4th), it will be entry time for the actual contest.

To actually enter the contest – you’ll need to leave a comment on my blog with your pick for champion.  Again, the “team” with the most votes will win the tournament and be crowned as the TriMadness National Champion.  The winner of the contest will be picked randomly from everyone who voted for the championship team.

So…..what do you get?  Well – for starters, a little fun!  Who doesn’t like picking a tournament bracket?!?!  But, no.  That’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The ultimate winner will get a VERY cool prize pack featuring a ton of goodness from Powerbar and SBR Sports valued at well over $100!  I’ll include Tri-Swim anti-chlorine products, Foggle, Tri-Slide, a can of Ironman Perform Sports Drink by Powerbar, not one -but two boxes of new Powerbar Performance Energy Blends – which are amazing (and super-hard to come by), and a big-ole box of Powerbar PowerGels (Kona Punch flavor – in my opinion the BEST flavor of all). 

So…..start thinking about who you want to win the first round matches!  Voting starts TOMORROW!


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