Why Is It……………………….??

I’m a pretty inquisitive guy.  I ask a lot of questions.  Sometimes that is a good thing (like when I’m at work).  Sometimes it can be irritating (like when I ask my wife why she’s doing something a particular way).  I just can’t help it.

I think curiosity breeds interest.  It adds flavor to life.  It helps us understand ourselves.  Why we do things.  Who we are.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t have all the answers.  Even the almighty (Google) doesn’t have all the answers.  Wikipedia might, but I’m not sure. 

It seems that I always have questions bouncing around in my head.  So today, I thought I’d share them with you.  Maybe you have answers.  Maybe not.  Laugh at them.  Agree with them.  Dismiss them as folly.

Why is it……..? 

  • That working out feels so dang good?
  • That I feel like a slug if I don’t do something each day?
  • That I feel like a hamster when I’m cycling on my trainer.  Or running on my treadmill?
  • That I can never clean all of the spilled gel off my bike?
  • That the last bit of race number sticker tape won’t come off my helmet?
  • That goggles always leave raccoon eyes?
  • That Girl Scout cookies only come out once per year?
  • That chlorine makes my back so itchy?
  • That my hands and feet get so cold while I’m running in the winter?
  • That I enjoy talking to others about how they got their start in triathlon?
  • That there are days (like today) where I want to stand with my arms spread wide soaking up the Sun like Timothy Green?
  • That I no longer can run fast?
  • That air leaks out of my bike tires when I don’t ride?
  • That I’m supposed to act more mature the older I get?
  • That it completely grosses me out when I swim into floating hair.  Or Band-Aids. 
  • That I always try to chase down the cyclists I see in front of me – even if I know they are faster than me
  • That I love bib shorts?
  • That airlines charge so much to ship a bike?
  • That it continues to amaze me how folks can monumentally stupid decisions in life?
  • That cancer exists?
  • That snakes scare the hell out of me?  Even dead ones?
  • That I love going really fast on my bike?
  • That I don’t get too scared when cars pass too close to me when I’m cycling (usually)?
  • That I’m envious of folks who can swim/bike/run faster than me?
  • That I can’t do a flip turn?
  • That people who all worship the same God are so violently hateful of each other?
  • That Oreos taste so good but are so bad for you?
  • That only restaurants in the South sell sweet tea?
  • That music that sounded so good 30 years ago doesn’t always sound so good today?
  • That my bike saddle points a few millimeters to the right of center, no matter how often I try to correct it?
  • That some running visors feel like they are squeezing my head so tightly it might pop?

What about you?  What are your unanswered questions?


3 thoughts on “Why Is It……………………….??

  1. LOL, You’d be surprised how many of these I’ve asked myself in the past 30 days. All great questions and some things are just meant to remain a mystery.

  2. Great questions indeed. I have some answers:
    Some airlines are better than others for shipping bikes.
    OK, actually that’s all I have. If you find the answers let me know!

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