A Revolution of Gift Ideas!

So you’re looking for a holiday gift idea for a triathlete. 

What should you get that triathlete?  There are certainly a ton of options for you.  You could get your triathlete a bike.  A set of aero wheels.  A new westuit.  Maybe a tube or three.  CO2 cartridges.

Well, the fine folks over at Rev3 Triathlon have a couple of really cool options for you to consider:



Give your favorite triathlete a free entry into a Rev3 triathlon!  You pick a race distance and a venue and a gift certificate with an entry code will be sent to your recepient.  (They can change venue if you happen to pick one they can’t go to).

What better way to say Merry Christmas than a trip to Cedar Point for the Full Rev?  Nothing screams Happy Chanuka than a date with the hills in Quassy!  No sport typefies the Kwanzaa principle of self-determination better than a triathlon!

Click on the image above to go to Rev3’s website for more information on how to order your Rev3 experience gift certificate.


If your favorite triathlete raced one of Rev3’s events during 2012, they most likely had their picture taken a bunch of times as they navigated the course.  You may already know that every Rev3 finisher gets a free finisher’s photo.  But you can add all the other photos to your athlete’s stocking by ordering their race photos – and just for the holidays, you can save 15% off the cost by using the coupon code:  REV3HOLIDAY2012.  Click here and search for your athlete’s pictures now!

So what are you waiting for?  Start your shopping today!

And by the way…..if you’d like to get me a free race entry, I’d not turn it down.  I’ve been good this year.  I promise. 🙂