Race Picture Timing – Or Lack Thereof

Brad Pitt, I am not.  For starters, I shower.  And shave.  And I’m not married to a frea….attractive, movie star gazillionare woman.  But most of all, I’m not as photogenic as Brad.

I don’t star in movies or grace the covers of magazines.  Which is actually probably a good thing for magazine publishers and movie producers, as putting my mug shot on their cover would translate into immediate loss of subscriptions or doom a flick to sheer and utter failure.

I sure don’t look all that handsome when I’m racing, either.  Typically, by the time I see the photographer and think to smile, straighten my back, or improve my running form, it’s too late.  I never get that “perfect” picture. I just don’t have good enough timing to get a “good” race picture. 

Occassionally, though, I eek out a decent shot.  For example, at the recent Rev3 triathlon here in Florida, I had a couple of OK shots taken.  I’d like to think I got lucky, but the reality is that it’s more likely that the photographer worked some Photoshop magic before posting the shots.

(Sorry for the big Rev3 watermark on these – I scraped these from the photo site.  I’m planning on purchasing them, but just haven’t yet)


I actually really like these pictures.  They aren’t quite as if I planned them for a photoshoot, but they aren’t the typical drool and snot-filled or grimacing shots that I normally get taken of me at a race.

But the bonus?!

Rev3 gives every athlete a free photo of them crossing the finish line!  Mine is below.  I actually tried to plan for a cool shot.  I thought about doing a Blazeman roll.  I considered jumping.  In the end, I decided to just point up in a small gesture of praise.  Only you can’t see it in the picture below because I wasn’t fast enough to do it before the photographer took my picture.

I guess timing is everything, huh?