The Rev3 Movie Star

After each race, the fine folks over at Revolution 3 produce several video segments.  Typically, they show the pro finishers.  Sometimes they create a video interviewing pros.  The most awesome videos, though, are typically the age-group videos.

Rev3 held to this tradition by creating some really top-notch videos following this past weekend’s Rev3 Florida.  (I have a secret passion about video production as my undergraduate degree was in radio & television).  Check out the awesome videos here.

Be sure to pay special attention during the age-group video, because yours truly is included not once, but twice!

Here’s a screen grab of me on the ride at Rev3 Florida. I’ll highlight the movie star physique I have, and not the fact that I’m getting passed in this picture 🙂

The above picture is a screen grab from the video.  I think it’s at the 3:30 mark or so.  I don’t remember seeing the videographer at this point of the course (this was during the first 25 miles….otherwise known as the “fast, down-wind section”), but I did see him all over the course.

The second TriMadness sighting is later on in the video.  I’m behind a guy in a red shirt.  You’ll notice the Team Rev3 kit in the background.  And I think I’m drinking something as I go through an aid station in the background.

I feel all famous now.  I’ll go off and practice my Emmy acceptance speech now. 🙂


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