The TriMadness Race Packing List

In 24 hours, I’ll be on the road, driving from the northeast corner of Florida down to Venice, a small town on the southwestern side of the state where Revolution3’s Half Rev awaits me.

Preparation in triathlon is essential.  We train and train in preparation for the race.  We prepare and plan our race strategy and nutrition strategy.

In order to make all of these plans come to fruition, however, it’s really essential that we take all of the correct gear to the race venue.  Seeing as how this particular race venue is about 4 hours away from home, I don’t want to take any chances that I might forget something, so I created the checklist below. 

Feel free to review, steal, borrow or whatever. (if you click on the graphic below you’ll get a PDF file that you can print out and keep).  What things that I didn’t include on my list do you typically take with you to a race venue?



One thought on “The TriMadness Race Packing List

  1. Best of luck! Can’t wait to read about this race. I was hoping to participate but my triathlon season is over. Looking forward to 2013!

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