Tri Team Seeking Women & Men

Isn’t it crazy how you can find personal ads in the strangest places?

In all seriousness, Revolution 3 Triathlon is looking to add new athletes to its 2013 Age Group Tri Team.  The application window opened yesterday and will run through October.

I’ve been on the Rev3 AG team for three years now, and I can honestly tell you that I have really loved it.  I’ve met some of the best folks in triathlon by being part of this team.  We’re a group of motivated, highly involved, funny, fun loving, and dedicated folks.  Some of us are fast – almost world class.  Others (like me) are the opposite.  None of that really matters to Rev3.  Our common link is that we all love the Rev3 race experience and really, really want to help promote and build the Rev3 brand.

If you’ve raced a Rev3 event and absolutely loved the experience, you might be a good fit for the team.  In order to be considered, being engaged in social media is a MUST.  Ya know – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.  The more the better.  You must be enthusiastic about triathlon and Rev3.

What do you get in return?  Well, for starters, you get free entry into Rev3 races.  You’ll get Rev3 gear, sponsor gear and discounts, great teammates all over the country.

Interested?  Still have some questions?  Feel free to navigate over to the “Contact Me” page and drop me a note.  Made up your mind and want to apply?  Head on over to

Good luck!  (and to steal a phrase from The Hunger Games….) “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

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