Arrrrgh….Ten Ways to be a Triathlon Pirate!

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (which happens to be today, according to this website), here are ten ways to show your inner pirate today.

10.  If you’re doing a swim workout today, right before you jump into the pool, shout “Avast!  Ye made me walk the plank!”

9.  Make sure that you take your sword and flint-lock pistol with you on your bike ride.

8.  Paint a skull and crossbones on your helmet.

7.  Play nothing but Jimmy Buffett songs on your iPod during your run today.

6.  Wear just one compression sleeve so that it looks like you have a peg-leg.

5.  During your rest intervals at the pool, hum “Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me” from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney.

4.  Replace your normal energy drink with rum!

3.  Wear your finest pirate garb (including tri-point hat) during your run.  Don’t forget your eye patch!

2.  Fly the Jolly Roger behind you as you cycle.

and, finally….

1:  Every time you pass another cyclist or runner, shout “Arrrrrr!  Surrender the pace booty!”


2 thoughts on “Arrrrgh….Ten Ways to be a Triathlon Pirate!

  1. Great ideas and I think I’ll try #4 today before my workout. Which come to think about it, might get me to try the rest of the tributes to Pirate Day…

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