Help Needed from the Fishies!


OK guys & gals.  I need your help.

My imagination is tapped out.

This week is a fairly heavy week for me in terms of training for Rev3 Florida next month. 

Generally, I’m really pretty good at coming up with my workouts.  In fact, I’ve got a really solid plan set that I think will have me ready for the race – but it’s a high-level plan.  For example…this afternoon’s swim session says this:  “SWIM:  3000 yards”  That’s it.  No particulars.  No details.

Usually what I do is take the distance and build my sets to match the distance given where I’m at in terms of distance from a race, etc.  I’ll often use my prior workouts, tips from coaches I’ve worked with, and occassionally sets from sites such as the one that Sara McLarty created for the National Training Center (

Well today, I don’t have that creative spark.  I don’t have a set designed.  My teammate Ryan tweeted me a set this morning

@TriMadness I’d go with 400 w/u, 4 x 50 k, 200 p, 6 x 50 on 55, 3 x (4 x 100 on 1:50), 300 cruise, 400 cool mixed.

Not a bad looking set at all. 

So here’s where you come in.  What would you do?  Be creative.  Punish me …. or not.

Some particulars.  I swim in a SCY pool.  I’m slow (1:45/100yds). I’m six weeks out from my big race.  I need to do 3000 yards inclusive of warm-up and cool down.

Drop a comment with your suggestions.  I’d love your input!


One thought on “Help Needed from the Fishies!

  1. I will often do a mindless freestyle set that gets the yards in: 2x(500, 400, 300, 200, 100) for a total of 3000 yds. Done in less than an hour. Build to a faster pace as you go from 500 to 100. Not super creative but it is my default.

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