All Access Pass

We triathletes often love to bitch and moan about how expensive races can be.  We often drop hundreds of dollars up to a year in advance of a race.  Some folks fork out well over a grand to a certain race company to secure a “community fund” slot to a race.  That same race company talked about charging $1200 for a race in the Big Apple (which was subsequently “suspended”).

So what would $1200 buy you?  For those other guys, you might get one or two races.  Bargain?  Hardly.

Enter Rev3 Triathlon to save the day (and your wallet).

For $1200, Rev3 will give you a 2012 “Season Pass”.  The Season Pass gets you entry to any and all 2013 triathlon races.  You read that right.  $1200 for entry into 12 races at 10 venues.  That’s $100 per race, folks.  Now, THAT is a bargain!  And here’s the REALLY cool thing….you can share your “season pass” with friends or family.  Let’s say that you really can only race half of the venues.  You can give the pass to a friend to race the other venues.  Or, you can go in with a friend to buy the season pass together.

What venues apply?  Knoxville, Quassy, Williamsburg, Portland, Wisconsin Dells, Maine, Cedar Point, Maryland, South Carolina and Florida. 

Want more information or want to sign up?  Head on over to Rev3’s website and read up on it. 

Just act fast – there’s only 100 Season Passes available, and they will go fast!