Initial Thoughts on NormaTec’s MVP Recovery System

One of the really cool perks of being on Team Rev3 Tri is that our amazing sponsors give us the opportunity to use and test their products.  In many ways, we get to look, train, and recover like professionals (now, if I could just race like a pro).

This year, NormaTec joined the Rev3 team – each of the folks on the age group team received one of their MVP systems for the season.  While this post isn’t a full-blown product review (I’ll do that later), I do want to give my initial impressions on the unit after having used it for a month or so.

You may have heard of NormaTec before – they offer an active recovery system that uses sequential pulse technology to flush out fluids and metabolic waste from leg muscles.  There are, quite frankly, lots of other recovery systems on the market – ranging from passive compression (think compression sleeves and socks) to active compression products (see my Product Review page for product reviews of both passive and active products). 

NormaTec’s MVP system is comprised of leg cuffs and a compressor – the compressor applies air pressure to the leg cuffs, causing them to inflate to mimic muscle contractions to help flush out the bad stuff from your legs.  I won’t get into too much of the science here (check NormaTec’s website – I’ll also go in-depth when I do a full-blown product review).

So my first impression?


I’m not going to lie – I’m a fan of active compression in general.  The first time I used NormaTec’s MVP product I was blown away.  The compression that this product offers is great.  After a very short 20-30 minute session, my legs feel like a million bucks!  One very cool feature that the MVP product has is that you can apply a little extra oomph in an area if you want it (through their “Turbo” function).

MVP offers seven different intensity settings.  That being said – I’ve never gone over the “mid” setting – that amount of pressure “seems” just right for me. 

So far, I’m a big fan.  I really love how my legs feel both immediately after using the MVP system – and the next day.  There’s nothing quite like how good my legs feel the morning after I do a NormaTec session.

More to come….including a full-blown product review.



2 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on NormaTec’s MVP Recovery System

  1. I’ve been using the RevitaPump At only $529 the price was fair and it works great so far. I am looking to get the pants cuffs to treat my glutes whenever it becomes available. I have done my research. A friend of mine uses the PowerPress Digital Sequential Compression pump he purchased for under $700 on Amazon Its not marketed to athletes, but essentially does the same thing as other “sports recovery pumps”. The Recovery Pump, Sport Pump, and Normatec MVP are excellent products. But, I don’t think you need to spend in the thousand dollar or more range as long as the a pump has 4 chambers and FDA approved.

  2. Now that you have used both recoverypump and the normatec systems can you tell me which system gives you better results. I am looking at purchasing a compression pump system and always want the best bang for my buck. I would like to hear any feed back if you prefer subsquential or peristaltic compression.

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