Updated Race Schedule

I’ve written recently about how this has been an incredibly busy year for me.  With three kids really active in sports (and not the SAME sport, either), this year has been largely spent traveling to swim meets, soccer tournaments, lacrosse tournaments and high school sports.  I had designs on a pretty full race schedule – spread throughout the year – but alas, that didn’t materialize.  I had to cancel some events (like Rev3 Knoxville and Rev3 Cedar Point), and others I just didn’t ever get around to registering for because of conflicting kid events (like the Beaches Fine Arts Tri Series here in Jacksonville).

Things have finally started to slow down slightly on the kid-front…allowing me to FINALLY get on my racing flats and start to do some competitive swimbikerun.  (of course, the phrase competitive applies more to the actual race and not my expected level of performance)

First up:  Jacksonville Triathlon – Aug 4

This is a sprint triathlon that is held on the north-side of Jacksonville in a picturesque village called Amelia Island.  The swim is in the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean, the bike is pancake flat along the coast and the run is through a state park and shady.  While I haven’t done this race in several years, one cool fact is that this race was where I completed my very first triathlon ever….so it will be a homecoming of sorts. 

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run – Aug 25

This is a five-mile out and back run on the beach in Jacksonville Beach.  This is usually a fairly fast race as it’s timed to run at low tide – thus maximizing the hard-pack beach. 

Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon – Sept 16

This race – known as “The HOT” typically takes place in August (hence the name HOT) but was moved to mid-September this year.  Held at Camp Blanding – a Florida Army Reserve base just west of Jacksonville, this race features a spring-fed (thus clear) lake swim, a two-lap bike that actually features a few slight hills, and a shadeless run that is one of the more painfully hot runs I’ve participated in.  That said, I really enjoy this race – it’s probably the best local race of the year, and this will be my fifth appearance at this race

Jacksonville Marine Corps Half Marathon – Oct 6

This great half marathon through downtown Jacksonville starts in front of Everbank field (home of the Jacksonville Jaguars) and finishes under two outstretched Howitzer cannons.  Great tune-up for my next race…

Rev3 Florida – Oct 28

Very easily my “A” race for the year.  The Half Rev features a swim in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, a great looking bike and a nice jog around Venice Beach, FL.  After having to cancel out of two other Rev3 races this season, to say that I’m excited for this one is an understatement.  It’s not too late for you to join me on this one, either.  Check out www.Rev3tri.com and register yourself for this late season gem!

Subaru Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon – Nov 22

This Thanksgiving morning run will be a great way to build up an appetite for turkey and stuffing.  The course for this race is through an old residential area in Jacksonville and is shady, flat and fast!  I’ll be looking for my 1/2 marathon PR in this race for sure

Jacksonville Bank 1/2 Marathon  – Dec 16 (tentative)

This race runs a very similar route as the Subaru Distance Classic, and is held concurrently with the Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  The cool aspect about this race is that it finishes on the track for one of the private schools in town – the Bolles School (famous for developing world-class swimmers) and each runner has their name announced over the PA as they come in to the finish chute.