Monday Morning Ramblings

Here we are, blissfully starting another week.  This weekend was chock full of “stuff” across the landscape of multisport; racing, watching, eating and rain.  Here’s a random sampling…

  • My son and I spent the weekend at one of the larger swim meets in the area this summer…the Bolles School-TYR Summer Classic.  This is typically a big meet – I think there were close to 1000 swimmers in total – and teams from seven states (as far away as New York and Michigan).  There were even a couple of Olympians at the meet (one from Brazil and one from Singapore).  This was a great chance to see some amazing swimmers and for Carter to work on improving his long-course times.  Long course is not Carter’s fave just yet, as our club doesn’t have a LCM pool to train in – making the transition from SCY to LCM (short-course yards; long course meters for the non-swimmers) can be fairly dificult for some.  Carter swam in six races, including a couple that he does not normally swim (including the 400 IM…which could very well be one of the most difficult races in the pool).  He had a good meet, set a bunch of personal bests, and gained valuable experience.  We’ve got just a couple more LCM events this season before we get back into short course season – the Area Championships is coming up, and he’s still trying to hit the mark for the Florida Age Group championships (though this will be more difficult as he’s just aged up into the 13-14 age group…the time standards are much faster than the 11-12 group).
  • This was a triathlon-heavy weekend, as many of you know.  IMCdA, a couple of 70.3 races, lots of local races.  I love watching results come across the web for folks I know.  Big time props to all who raced this weekend.  I’m looking forward to reading various race reports.
  • Drew Scott – the son of killer pro Dave Scott – had the fastest time at the Buffalo Springs race this weekend.  It’s interesting to me how some websites have claimed that he “won” the overall race.  While he did have the fastest time, and clearly won the age group race, I think it’s a stretch to say that he won the overall race – reason being is that the rules for professionals and age groupers differ slightly – especially in regards to what constitutes a legal draft zone. posted an article calling him the “winner” – which was met on Twitter by more than a few comments from professional triathletes.  I’d like to see Scott turn pro and lace them up against some of the “big boys” – but the fact of the matter is that this kid is smoking fast.
  • If you haven’t seen the news, Heather Wurtelle was DQ’d this weekend at IMCdA.  During the race, she apparently had a mechanical issue – I’ve read she broke her crank.  Christie Sym offered Heather her bike so she could finish the race.  This in and of itself is an amazing piece of sportsmanship.  During the marathon, Heather was pulled from the course and DQ’d.  There was much chatter online that folks thought the DQ was due to “outside assistance”, but that was not the case.  Apparently, Heather advanced on the course without her bike – a violation of rule 5.2 relating to Forward Progress.  It’s a shame – Heather is a stud athlete, and from what I’ve seen, she wasn’t advised of the DQ for some time (I think she was actually running already)
  • MAJOR PROPS to one of my teammates – Kacie Darden.  This woman is a total bad-ass.  Earlier this year, she completed a double iron race….DOUBLE IRON!!!  Just last week, she finished the Race Across America (RAAM).  Her team of eight cyclists finished the race in 6 days, 18 hours!  That, to me, is an unfathomable accomplishment.  Then….less than 24 hours later, Kacie’s husband George turned in a kick-ass performance at IMCdA.  He broke the tape in 9:45 – earning him a 2nd in his age group and 21st overall placement.  He’s Kona bound now.  What an amazing duo!
  • In case you hadn’t heard, Florida is falling into the sea.  Folks have started building arks.  We’ve had more rain this summer than I can recall.  Normally I need to add water to my pool during the summer….this year, I’ve had to drain it a couple of times.  All this rain is making training difficult.  Here’s this morning’s radar image – way too much red and not enough “clear” over Jacksonville. 

    This morning’s radar image for Jacksonville. The rain is courtesy Tropical Storm Debbie. So far, this summer has been wetter than most….who says I live in the “Sunshine State”….I think it’s the “Rainy State”

  • Rain aside, I had a solid week of training last week.  I got in all the workouts I had hoped – which in and of itself is an accomplishment.  I still have a long way to go fitness-wise, but I’m eager to do some racing!  The early part of this year’s tri season has been eclipsed by family sporting events like lacrosse tournaments, soccer tournaments and swim meets.  Now that all of that is winding down, I can begin to focus on racing for myself!  I’m looking for a race in July, and have a full schedule from August through October and the start of running season.  I’m REALLY looking forward to capping the triathlon season off at Rev3 Florida!
  • Who is excited for the Olympics?  ME!  I watched some of the track & field trials over the weekend – as well as the diving trials.  I’m super stoked for the swim trials to start today.

Hope you have a great week!