Go For a Run, Get a Meal

I’m one of those guys that doesn’t exercise in the early morning.  I just am not a morning person, and have a really difficult time dragging myself out of bed at 5am for a swim, bike or run.  I do the vast majority of my workouts in the evenings.

Many nights, I don’t get out on the bike or run until after I eat dinner.  Not usually a big deal – I eat, wait a little while to let my food digest some, then go exercise.  I never have problems with cramping or anything.

So last night, I went out for a typical run.  It was about 8:15.  Dusk. 

Prime time for bugs.

Florida is not only the prime retirement spot for folks from all over the country, it’s prime bug territory too.  Especially Jacksonville.  Perhaps it’s because the city alights the Atlantic Ocean.  Perhaps the fact that the city was literally built upon swampland makes this bug heaven.  Maybe bugs like humidity.  I don’t know.

Back to the story.  So I went out for this run.  I wore my brand new Pearl Izumi Iso-Transitions (more on these great shoes later).  Halfway into my run, the sun went down completely.

And out came the no-see-ums.

While you can’t see ’em, you sure can taste ’em.

I have no idea how many bugs I ate last night.  It seemed that I could hardly take a step without getting pelted by some sort of bug or another.  They were plastered all over my face.  In my eyes.  Stuck to my teeth.  All over my shirt.

Lovely.  Nothing like having a “buggy” desert…



3 thoughts on “Go For a Run, Get a Meal

  1. i remember those runs well. i don’t miss them or picking all the bugs off me after a late evening run.

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