Kids Can Tri, Too!

It’s spring in the United States.  Kids everywhere are playing sports.

Of course, most kid’s sports fall in the “traditional” variety:  soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball.  In the part of Florida where I live, lacrosse is a huge, and growing, sport for both boys and girls.  Then there’s the “fringe” sports:  crew, golf, triathlon, fencing.  Wait….did I just say TRIATHLON?

Absolutely!  Triathlon is a big-time sport in Jacksonville.

Photo: The Florida Times-Union, Will Dickey

As evidence, the fourth annual First Coast Kids’s Triathlon – held yesterday on the campus of the University of North Florida.  More than 1800 kids, aged 6-15, finished their race yesterday.  There’s no telling how many (if any) participated but didn’t finish.  The organizers call this the largest kids triathlon in the country.

While we know triathlon is an individual sport, the cool thing about the First Coast Kid’s Triathlon is how kids trained for the race – often as teams.  Many local elementary schools formed training teams who prepped for months in advance of the race.

None of my kids raced this year, but one of our daughter’s good friends did (and she rode my daughter’s bike).  She completed the 200 meter swim, 6 mile bike and 1 mile run in a total of 51:19…good enough for 24th out of 119 kids in her age group!

Pretty dang exciting that kids have a chance to enjoy the sport that we love with their very own race!


4 thoughts on “Kids Can Tri, Too!

  1. That is very cool! I love to see kids out there having fun in whatever sport they might like but when it is triathlons that just makes my heart sing more.

  2. My kids did their first tri last year. The distances weren’t that long and varied by age. My daughter came in 4th out of the 7 year old girls and she is stoked to try again this year in July and see if she can podium – LOL. Love it! And even my couch potato son (who griped most of the early morning of the tri) agreed to do it again this year. We’ve even started training a bit for it. I’m so pleased!

  3. Kids triathlon is really popular here in Queensland, Australia. Many of our races have a children’s race attached to them. Most races for 6 – 9 year old kids are non-competitive while races for young people aged 14+ can get quite serious but still include young people just trying somethign new out.

    I think it’s a great sport for little ones. And when they are only primary-school aged they don’t really need to do much more than they already do (most kids do some swimming, biking and running during their play or during physical education classes).

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