The Horsefly

She flew lazy circles above the giant, clear blue rectangular pond.  Hunting.

She needed a meal of fresh blood so that she could reproduce.  That night, she was a predator.  Any mammal would do.  A dog.  A cow.  A horse (after all – that’s what she is named for).  Even a human.

As luck would have it, prey was bountiful that night.  There was a multitude of humans in and around the pond.  She didn’t understand why they kept going back and forth across it, but no matter.  Eventually one would stop and come out of the water.  Then she would launch her attack.

She’d land ever so gently upon her prey.  Then, using her strong mandibles, she’d rip open the flesh and begin drinking her sought-after meal.  Blood.  Rich in vitamins and nutrients.  She would then be able to carry on her innate role of reproducing herself. 

Finally, one of those crazy humans lingered at the edge of the water.  He stood there, catching his breath from one of those trips down and back – over and over again.  He’d never notice her land on his left shoulder.  So she did.  She  walked around a little until she sensed that she had found the perfect spot.  Right below the left shoulder blade.  She could enjoy her meal, and the likelihood that he would be able to fight back was low.  She knew that he was not limber enough to get his arm back that far to hit her.

And so she ate.  She took a huge bite, ripping the flesh.  She enjoyed the taste of blood.  As she suspected, the prey tried to fight her off, but he couldn’t reach her.  Then suddenly, her prey decided that retreating to the safety of the water was his best course of action.  The water rose and rose.  It came up towards her as a tsunami.  At the last second, just before she became engulfed in the chlorine-water, she took off.  Sated from her meal.  Licking her chops for more.

Because she knew that in just a few minutes the human would be back.  He’d be back standing again at the edge of that concrete pond.  She’d move back in for another feeding.  She would not end this night hungry.


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  1. Well written prose on such a vile creature, love it! (the story, not the critter)

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