Riding into a Tornado

Yesterday’s ride was one of the more difficult rides I’ve experienced in a long time.

“Dude,” you might say “you live in Florida.  How hard can any ride be for you?  Riding there is flatter than riding in my bathtub.”

Yes.  It is indeed flat here.  But it can be notoriously windy here as well.

I get that it can be windy all over the place.  In fact, I suspect that the US plains are equally windy as Florida for the simple virture that there are few trees out there to slow down the wind.

I’ve got to tell you, though, yesterday was WINDY.  That wind made for one rough bike ride.

My ride yesterday was not all that long.  Just 25 miles.  But, OH MY GOD it was hard.  The headwind was absolutely brutal.  I rode 12 miles into a head and crossing wind.  Despite being in my aero bars and working my a$$ off the entire time, I never got above 16mph.  I got blown around like I’ve never been blown before.  I literally thought I was going to get blown over once, and I was riding my training wheels – not even my aero wheels.  It was unbelievable.  I can only imagine what folks experience out in Kona where they face the Trade Winds during the race.

As rough as the first half of the ride was, the second half was a walk in the park.  I topped 30mph with very little effort, and cruised an average of 24mph for more than 12 miles.  Heck, I don’t think my heart rate got above 75 on the way back (ok, that’s an overstatement). 

I’ve never ridden in a wind tunnel.  Nor have I ever cycled in the midst of a hurricane.  Yesterday’s ride, however, sure felt like I was riding into a tornado.


One thought on “Riding into a Tornado

  1. Sounds like a typical ride in north Texas (southern part of Tornado Alley)! We just use the wind to replace our lack of hills. Stay safe and alert out there!

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