Triathon’s Just Like College Radio


My undergraduate degree is in Broadcast Media.  Radio & television.  Once upon a time, I had designs on being the next Matt Lauer.  Eventually, I discovered that I had a face for radio and a voice for newsprint – and thus the days of my media career were short-lived.

All that said, back in school, working in the broadcasting world was exciting to me.  I worked at a couple of commercial radio stations, but by far my most memorable experiences came working at my college radio station, WASU.

For those of you who don’t know, college radio is what radio is supposed to be about.  It’s live.  It’s eclectic.  A breath of fresh air.  It’s really good programming – and a chance for you to learn something new both musically and about yourself at the same time.  Often the music is cutting-edge, even if the technology in the station may not be.  As a DJ, working on a college radio station was FUN.  You never knew when the turntables wouldn’t work, when a record would skip, when the CD player would go haywire in the middle of a song, or when you’d get a call from a drunken student requesting some really obscure song (or it could have been that you couldn’t understand through the slurring).  Working on the radio was an experience!

So how does this all fit into triathlon, you ask?

Well, it’s simple.  Triathlon should be a fun experience.  Each time you race, it should be an out-of-the-box experience.  You can’t ever know what is coming around the bend or down the road.  While you can certainly plan for the worst, you will invariably find yourself having to scramble to react to something that has gotten screwed up.  Even though things can go horribly wrong, you often find that you laughed the hardest or learned the most when they were over.  When things work right, triathlon can be a work of beauty.

The other cool thing about triathlon (and college radio) is that not everyone is into it.  It’s not that tired retread play-the-song 100 times a day Top-40 station like running is.  No two hours are the same in triathlon.  It’s unique.  Fresh.

And fun.



If you’re a fan of college radio – heck, even if you’ve never listened to college radio, but want to listen to some of the best student-run programming in the US, check out WASU – the APP by clicking on the image above.  The station has been considered one of the best in college radio for years, and this year was awarded MTV-U’s “Woodie” award as the best station in the land.


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  1. If you’ve never done the Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathons, then you are missing out. People are dressed in CRAZY outfits when you are running down the strip.

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