And God Threw in a Triathlon

Glenn Keller - one of CNN's Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge participants. Photo: Jeremy Freeman/CNN

Glenn Keller is an over-the-road  truck driver.  He’s also part of CNN’s Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge effort – an effort where a handful of folks are training for September’s Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

I found a blog series that he’s started to write and post to CNN’s webpage.  I’m glad I did.

Glenn’s story is that he drives a lot!  He’s on the road for more than two thirds of the year, often not in the same place from one day to the next.  He works up to 70 hours per week.  It’s a sedentary, yet busy, lifestyle.  Perhaps as a result, he’s got some medical issues – sleep apnea, weight issues (he once weighed more than 300 pounds), and more.

And yet, Glenn is working to change his lifestyle.  He’s exercising.  Running.  Cycling.  Lifting weights.  He’s on a path for transformation.  His story is quite clearly very motivational – just check out some of his posts and the comments that follow them.  Glenn represents the “everyman” – and if he can go through a transformation in his lifestyle and adopt triathlon (or heck, even exercise) as a part of his routine, then anyone can. 

Here’s hoping that Glenn is successful — both in his personal quest to get healthy and complete the triathlon, but also as a motivational force for others.

Check out Glenn’s blog entries here.  The title of this post comes directly from Glenn’s introductory post – where he talks about his faith and how God gave him the Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge and the folks from CNN as a blessing – and then threw in a triathlon, too.


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