Post Vacation Mumblings

TriMadness took the last ten days or so for a spring break type vacation, hence no postings.  Enjoyed a nice time at home for a “staycation” along with a couple of days spent down in Daytona Beach, FL. We’re back now.  Fully rested, recharged, and primed to go.

Some random thoughts from vacation:

  • Tons of training:  One of the cool things about a “staycation” is that it is really easy to get in training.  I trained almost every day last week, and finally got to spend some quality time on my bike. 
  • The Hunter:  For some reason, I really enjoy pursuing someone on a run or bike.  I love the game of trying to catch them and then pass them. (I should actually bring this spirit into my racing style…).  Yesterday on my ride, I passed a couple of cyclists heading the opposite direction as me – I kept on going to my turn-around point (which was a mile or so away) and then cranked up the gearing and my cadence.  I was determined to chase them down.  While I wasn’t 100% sure that they were headed the same way I was going, I strongly suspected that they were.  I got stopped by a red light and had to wait a couple of minutes, but I was finally able to chase them down and pass them.  It took me almost 8 miles to catch them; I was fighting a head wind and riding solo…but I did pass them.  How satisfying!
  • A Wild(fire) spring:  Spring in northeast Florida always means brush fires.  Seemingly every year, around this time of year (and often extending into June), the area is blanketed by thick smoke from wildfires that are burning.  Some of these fires can be pretty far away (like 75 miles or more), but the prevailing wind direction carries the smoke and ash over the area I live.  Imagine a thick fog that has settled in your area, then add the smell of a thousand campfires, and you can imagine what we get to deal with here.  Over the weekend, the smoke moved in.  My eyes are burning.  Breathing is tough.  Outside exercise becomes brutal.  Here’s hoping for either a bunch of rain or a shift in the westward winds so that we can get some relief.
  • Reliving College:  During my spring break vacation, my family and I went to Daytona Beach, FL along with four other families.  As you may know, Daytona Beach was once (and I suppose still may be) a big spring break destination for college-aged kids.  In fact, a fraternity from a university in North Carolina had rented out a big chunk of the hotel we stayed at.  Our 72 hours there were so reminiscent of college, it was unreal.  Grilling lots of food.  Playing horseshoes, ladderball, and frisbee on the beach.  Getting a slight sunburn.  Drinking way, way too much alcohol.  I certainly had a lot of fun, but now I wonder how on earth my body could handle all that neglect back in the day.  I’m still hurting on multiple levels.
  • Getting pulled:  For the past couple of years, my wife and I have been thinking about purchasing a boat for our family.  While we don’t live on the water, we’re extremely close to a huge river (the Saint Johns) and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is only 20 minutes away.  Several of our friends own boats, and our kids love to be out on the water – tubing, kneeboarding, etc.  We haven’t bought a boat – but we did join a boat club this year – granting us unlimited access to a veritable fleet of boats.  Over the break, we went out twice.  Yesterday, I took my son and three of his friends out for his 13th birthday.  We spent half the day on the boat.  My sole job:  to unceremoniously dump all of them from the tube.  The boys had a great time – and I’m sure they are still sore today.
  • Still running:  Rev3 is still in the midst of running across America to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund.  At last check, they were in Arkansas – and very close to heading into Tennessee.  They have about a week to go in the run.  It’s not too late for you to donate to the cause (and enter the raffle).  You actually need to hurry for the raffle, though – the last day to enter is Monday, April 16th.  Click here for information!

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  1. Congrats on chasing down those cyclists! That is something Iove trying to do but there are too many damn speedsters in my neck of the woods and I am slow poke!

    I am glad you have a great staycation!

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