Mumblings on a Monday 8

Feeling a little grumpy today, but also know that it’s t-minus 5 days until vacation!

  • Spouse running:  I really enjoy running (or cycling) with my wife.  Not because she really challenges me (I’m much faster than her), but because it’s very cool to be out and sharing something like a run or a bike ride together that is fun.  Yesterday, we took a late afternoon run together.  We chatted, we told a few jokes, we ran silently.  It was perfect.  Perhaps the funniest part of the run was when she almost jumped into my arms upon seeing a dead armadillo on the side of the road.  It was bloated and covered with flies.  I think it literally scared the crap out of her!  Armadillos must rank pretty low on the circle of life grocery list – as even the omnipresent vultures seemingly wanted nothing to do with this guy.
  • What are these Hunger Games?  I have to admit that before Friday evening, I had no clue what the Hunger Games were.  All three of my kids (plus my wife) have read this series – but I chalked it up to another version of the Twilight series – which I could not stomach.  Friday evening, I took my oldest daughter and seven of her friends to see the movie – and was pleasantly surprised.  So much so, that over the weekend I read the first and second books in the series, and I’m a good distance into the third.  While the Hunger Games are really geared towards young adults/teens, the prose is actually pretty good – and the broader concepts in the book (dystopian society, rebellion, kids killing kids, etc) are actually very compelling.  Have you read the series?  Which was your favorite book?  Are you on Team Peeta or Team Gale?  I don’t know how this all ends yet – so don’t ruin it for me.
  • A Driving Weekend:  I spent more hours in my vehicle this weekend than I care to imagine.  My son and I drove to Fort Pierce – a town in southern Florida – for an all-star swim meet.  He did well, dropping time in one event.  He was on a relay that had a chance to make a run at the national age group record…but they came up just short.  He was really pleased with how he swam, especially knowing that he was two weeks post peak and has been trying to hold a taper for almost a month now.  Short course swim season is officially over; he’ll start prepping for long-course in about two weeks. 
  • Runners set!  BANG!  And they’re off…..Rev3’s Run Across America has started.  Last night around midnight PT, the crew started their 3100 mile run from Oceanside, CA to Washington, DC.  Check out the Rev3 website for blog updates.  There will also be updates on Facebook and Twitter.  Today, my VIRTUAL Run starts.  I’ll be running for the next 21 days.
  • Rev3 is about to expand:  You may have seen the announcement on Facebook….Rev3 is getting ready to announce a new race for 2013.  I know where it is, but can’t tell you (the announcement will go live tomorrow, I think)….suffice it to say that the location is GREAT!  It certainly fits into the family-friendly mission of the franchise.  Very exciting!

Have a great week!

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