Fighting the Good Fight Against Cancer

We all hate cancer. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to like about that disease.  At it’s best, it’s a drain on our emotions as we grapple with the concept of friends or loved ones who are sick or have died.  At it’s worst, it hits us personally, making us sick – or worse – putting us on a short track towards our own mortality.

The uplifting thing is that because of the sheer nastiness of this disease, people all over the globe come together to do really spectacular things to fight cancer, to support those who currently have or have survived from cancer, and research the best ways to kill this nemis.

There are two events that you should have on your radar:

Revolution 3 Triathlon’s Run Across America

As I’ve noted here, and here, and here and here, Rev3 Tri is running across America to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF).  UCF supports young adults who have had cancer by providing resources, information, and educational opportunities.  Rev3 is looking to raise a boat-load of money ($100,000) to support UCF, and there’s still a long way to go — both in terms of miles and needed dollars.  The run starts in just 13 days; I’ll be “virtually” participating – by running 21 days in a row here in Florida while the team runs 21 days in a row across the country.  So far, Rev3 has raised about $20,000, hence your support is urgently needed.  Please click on the image below to make a contribution.  Any amount will do.  Your company may even match your donation.  I know times are tough on folks – but trust me….this is a GREAT cause to put your money towards.

Eggers versus Armstrong – 50 yard Kick-Off

Mary Eggers is a triathlon coach that lives and works in the Rochester, NY area.  You may recall that she was one of the coaches that participated in, and advised me during, the development of my blog series called “Triathlon Coaching Options” (see link to the right if you’d like to download the e-book of that series).

Well, last week Mary did something that we’d all love to do.  She called out Lance Armstrong.  Seriously…what the hell was she thinking?  Not only did she call him out by challenging him to a pool kick-off, she totally threw down the gauntlet and said that she was going to chick him!  (Click here for her blog post with the challenge).  We’ve seen tons of various athlete challenges over the years – and typically they never see the time of day.

This challenge is different.

Mary didn’t just challenge Armstrong out of her desire to own him in a pool – she challenged him so she could raise awareness and funds for a group called Teens Living With Cancer.  Eggers wanted to raise $1000 to help fund a fitness program targeted at teens recovering from cancer. 

Challenge accepted.

Armstrong jumped on board with gusto, and further upped the ante.  The new fundraising goal?  $100,000.  They, too, have a long way to go to raise the required funds.

Click the image below to learn more about the challenge and learn how to donate to support this great cause.  Mary will have a fundraising website up and running in a few days.  Of course, I’d like to see Mary raise the money – but I’d also love to see her kick Armstrong’s butt in the pool.

Thanks so much for considering both of these very worthy endeavors.  If you’d like to participate in the virutual Run Across America, let me know.  It’s really easy to participate!