Mumblings on a Monday 6

Your weekly dose of randomness…

  • March Madness:  I love college basketball.  While I was not very happy with the outcome of the ACC tournament this past weekend, I am still excited to watch the NCAA tournament get rolling this week.  A few predictions:  Kentucky will be upset along the way – perhaps by Duke.  As much as my heart wants me to pick UNC to win the whole she-bang, logic tells me that they likely won’t.  I’m looking forward to settling in front of my 60″ TV with a bowl of popcorn this weekend to watch the fun…
  • Swim Success:  My family and I spent the weekend in Sarasota, FL (a town on the Southwest side of Florida – about 45 minutes south of Tampa) at the Florida Swimming Age Group Championship swim meet.  My 12 year old son swam in 6 events during the weekend, and ended up doing phenomonally well – he took 3rd in the 50 free, 4th in the 100 IM, and 5th in the 100 free.  He also took 14th in the 200 free, 13th in the 50 back, and 11th in the 100 back.  We were certainly very poud of him – not just for the high finishes, but also that he had personal bests in each race. 
  • Newsflash:  Sarasota is beautiful:  Sarasota – and more specifically Siesta Key – are quite nice.  Siesta Key has been voted as the #1 beach in the United States for I don’t know how many years.  The sand is sugar white; the water a beautiful blue.  Siesta Key Village is a quaint shopping and dining area on the island.  This area has now officially been added to the TriMadness family vacation list.  Knowing that Rev3’s Florida race will be held in Venice Beach (which is about 30 minutes south of Sarasota), I am beyond excited to get back to this part of the state to race!
  • Great swim facility:  The Sarasota YMCA is where this weekend’s swim meet was held.  This facility is among the best non-collegiant facilities I’ve ever seen.  They had two pools, great locker rooms, very nice seating.  In short – it was first class.  Here’s another amazing fact…their master’s swim program must be HUGE.  When we arrived on site at 6:15 Friday morning, there were close to 100 masters folks swimming.  And they were FAST! 
  • I don’t get sick often… but when I do, Ireally get sick.  I can’t remember the last time I had a full-fledged cold.  Over the weekend, I got hit hard with a cold.  The kind that sits right on your chest and makes you want to hack up a lung.  The bad thing?  Since it’s notjust a headcold, and instead has shown up as a chest cold, I need to refrain from exercise for a few days.  (You know the adage…if a cold is above your neck, it’s OK to exercise.  Below your neck, no exercise).  I had a really strong week last week, and wanted to take it up a notch this week.  Grrrrr.

2 thoughts on “Mumblings on a Monday 6

  1. Congrats to your son! That is a great weekend of swimming for him.

    I am so sorry that you got sick. I hope you are feeling better now!

  2. Did you hit up some Spring Training games? Sarasota and Bradenton are awesome this time of year. I’ve been down to see the Pirates a couple of time and absolutely love it there!

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