Mumblings on a Monday V

Let’s hit it:

  • Wind Running:  Sucks.  Well – at least when you run against the wind it does.  My run yesterday was an out and back 60 minute run.  First half was solidly into the wind.  I felt like I was going backwards….even though my overall pacing for that segment was right on where I wanted it to be.  The way back…felt like I was literally flying. 
  • Contest:  Here’s a chance to enter a unique contest and donate to a great cause.  Click here for a chance to win one of three prizes from SBR Sports, Powerbar, and 1BandID.  The contest started today and will run for 14 days….so go get in on it!
  • Weekend away:  I spent the past weekend with my wife in Savannah, GA.  This picturesque little town is full of history, old buildings, museums, and pubs.  On Saturday, it was also full of torrential thunderstorms!  Nevertheless, we had a nice time visiting a couple of very cool Irish pubs, getting a couple’s massage, and eating way too much food.  This was our second trip ever to Savannah – with the first coming 15 years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child. 
  • Crazy teammates:  I’ve written about some of the antics that some of my Team Rev3 Tri teammates get into, but this week Lauren Bogenberger might have taken the cake.  When she joined the team, her goal was to travel to each of the Rev3 races in 2012.  Turns out for a variety of reasons that she won’t be able to physically attend each race, so she’s sending a LIFE SIZED photo cut-out of her to each race with others on the team.  That way, they can take pictures of themselves with Lauren – she’ll be attending virtually!
Hopefully this is NOT what Lauren’s “Where in the world is Lauren?” picture will look like as it travels around the Rev3 race circuit.
  • Contest II:  Enter to win one of the very cool shimmery Rev3 swimsuits here.  This contest is just for ladies (or…ahem….dudes that want to wear a woman’s swim suit).
  • March Madness:  Originally hailing from Chapel Hill, NC – the official home of the best college basketball program in the history of the sport – I love college hoops.  Specifically, I love the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.  Of course, I was very happy when the Heels beat Duke over the weekend.  This time of year is one of my favorite times – I love the ACC tournament and then the NCAA tourney.  I’ll certainly be creating my personal bracket by this time next week.  Literally everyone will be picking Kentucky to win….I can tell you now that I won’t be picking them.