Why Tri?

Folks have hobbies.  Some are gardeners.  Others collect stamps.  Some people collect Beanie Babies.  Others play golf. 

What do we do?  We do triathlon. 


Have you ever really thought about why we do this sport?  What about this sport floats our boat?  Is it the thrill of victory?  The self-inflicted pain?  The concept of being outside?  What makes triathlon “it” for us – versus any other thing that could be our hobby-of-choice?

What about swimming, biking and running makes this sport fun?  What drives us to do this?

It’s a tough question for me to answer.  Frankly, I’m not sure why I like triathlon.  Perhaps it just “feels” right.  I’m certainly not going to ever win a race, so standing on a podium isn’t my motivation.  I think I like the endorphins I get from exercise.  I know I like going fast on my bike. 

But – what makes really me interested in this sport?  Why am I not interested in bowling or woodworking or sailing?  Why am I not a fisherman?  I wonder if this drive to tri is something embedded in my subconscious.  A reptilian need for exercise, perhaps.  Or maybe, the root is a desire to test myself.  It could be, perhaps, that because others tri, so must I. 

I don’t think I have an answer, fully.  All I know is that I enjoy, therefore I do, triathlon.

What about you?  Why do you tri?


5 thoughts on “Why Tri?

  1. Interesting post; done a few “why I do what I do” posts before myself as well. The answer, for me, lies in the sheer amazement that you feel when you complete one of these events: the “I did how much in one day how fast!?!?!?!?” thing that never gets old in my head. The desire to accomplish; the desire to compete. The atmosphere (less dickish people, IMO). I can’t explain it entirely. But it’s what I love.

  2. I was actually thinking about this very topic during my long run this weekend. I was about 10 miles in when I started feeling crappy and questioned why I do this to myself. I , like you, couldn’t come up with a good answer. The only thing I could think is that there is really nothing I would rather be doing instead. I love the way I hurt during a hard workout and I love the sense of accomplishment I feel afterwards. I love the health benefits from the sport and I love the people/friends/teammates I have met along the way. So my question to you is, “Why not?!?!?!”

  3. A million reasons, but mainly to be outside and to be able to do something really well, but still have limitless growth potential. It is never finished. I can always be better, faster and stronger. It is never done.

  4. I do tri because it feels comfortable and natural to me. I made state representative team in my first race back when I was a teenager, though I took a 14 year break afterwards.

    I’m too lazy to be a runner (training for a marathon just seems like too much time, effort and pain) or a cyclist (my buttocks won’t stand up to long hours in the saddle). And as for swimming 4-5km sessions – Zzzzz. I figured triathlon was the perfect balance between the three activities I enjoy without having to work too hard at any of them.

  5. The main reason I tri is because it is a challenge. I love a good challenge and this one brings it each and every day!

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