Mumblings on a Monday IV

It’s a rainy, cold, yucky sort of Monday here in Northeast Florida, so let’s get right to it….

  • From the “She’s a BADASS” category:  My Team Rev3 Tri teammate Kacie Darden (blog, twitter) is my new triathlon hero.  This past weekend, Kacie raced in the Florida Double Iron Triathlon in Tampa.  If an Iron distance race is a bucket list item for lots of triathletes (and certainly casts us into the category of endurance freaks to 99% of the rest of the world), a double iron race is most certainly within the realm of badass.  4.8 mile swim (in a pool nonetheless).  224 miles on the bike.  52.4 miles running.  I’m exhausted just typing that.  Kacie took 3rd amongst the women and 5th overall with a cumulative time of 28 hours, 48 minutes, 6 seconds.  She was just 14 minutes behind the 2nd place woman (which is thisclose in a race of 281 miles).  Kacie swam the 4.8 miles in 2:42:41 (that’s an average of 1:55/100 yards), then logged a time of 13:09:10 (an impressive 17 mph over the entire ride).  She then logged the run in about 12 hours 12 minutes.  I am in total awe of Kacie and her extreme badassness (yes, I just created that word)
  • Laziness Ensued:  Yep, seems just about right to follow a section about a double iron finisher with a section about just how little training I have been doing.  I mean – almost none.  I have these great designs on training – “just mix it up every day – a little of this, a little of that”.  The truth of the matter is that unless I have something hanging over my head, I find it hard to prioritize training in with all the other “stuff” that goes on in life.  I know what I’ve got on my race schedule, and what I’d like to accomplish this year.  But the urgency – perhaps the panic – hasn’t hit yet.  My first race is in less than 60 days.  Maybe it’s time to panic now.
  • A Dearth of local triathlon shops:  Maybe it’s just where I live, but there are no “real” triathlon shops around here.  There are lots of local bike shops – don’t get me wrong.  In fact, there are two pretty darn good ones within 10 miles of me.  Both carry “some” tri stuff….but neither are really dedicated to triathlon.  I know we have play in a niche sport – but it sure would be nice to have a local shop where I could go in and drool over all the cool toys that are advertised in the magazines and online.  I certainly don’t mind shopping online, but it’s tough to try things on or feel things when they are sitting in a warehouse 1000 miles away.  Part of me wishes I lived in Atlanta so I could frequent All3Sports’ brick and mortar store.  I’d be happy to become a franchisee of theirs and open a store in Jacksonville.   (hint, hint)
  • Kinvara rediscovered:  Last week I pulled out a pair of Saucony Kinvara shoes again.  I bought a pair right at the end of the 2010 season when Team Trakkers was sponsored by Saucony – but last year we had a different shoe sponsor, so I didn’t really run in those Kinvaras much before switching shoes.  So last week I ran a couple of times in them, and totally fell in love with them again.  Kinvara’s are so dang light – they feel almost like racing flats.  I found that almost immediately my running stride shortened a bit and I heel-struck less.  My legs felt great on two longish runs.  I’m glad I pulled these shoes out of their box again.
  • South by Southwest:  In about 10 days, I’ll be heading to the southwest corner of Florida to Sarasota.  I’m looking forward to doing a little training down there.  Some running.  Some open water swims perhaps.  If you’re from down that way (or have ever trained there), how about leaving a comment or dropping me a note with some tips in terms of where to train.

3 thoughts on “Mumblings on a Monday IV

  1. Your friend Kacie is a badass!

    I would love to have triathlon store in my neck of the woods as well! Maybe that should be my next career.

  2. Kacie is just full of badassedness!

    60 days? You might want get to it buddy!

    Ha! made me laugh about the shoes. Do you know anyone who wears “last years shoes” still? Man they were awful!

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