I’m Fighting Cancer…

…And I need your help.

Before you go and freak out and start praying for me, let me be upfront and say that although I am fighting cancer, I don’t have cancer.

I’m joining up with Rev3 Tri to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF).  You see, beginning on March 26, Rev3 will be RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA on behalf of UCF.  The goal?  Raise $100,000.  While I won’t be part of the caravan that is actually running across the country, I’ll be doing my part by participating in a virtual run.  I’m committing to running each and every day that the Rev3 crew is on the road – at least 21 days.  In that time, I will run no less than 100 miles.

Here’s where I need your help.

Make a donation:  Please make a donation to UCF on my behalf.  It’s REALLY easy.  Just click the picture below and you’ll be taken to Rev3’s donation portal.  Actually completing the donation is simple.  You fill out a little information, pick me (Joel Strickland) on the 2nd page where it asks you the person you’re donating on behalf of, enter your credit card info and you’re done.  Any amount is wonderful.  $1.00 per mile that I’m going to run.  $1.00 per day.  $50.00.  $1000.00.  Whatever.  You can even set up 12 recurring payments so you can give a huge amount by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks.  It’s all good, and goes to an amazing cause.

Run with me:  I’m forming a virtual team to do the run along with me.  Join in the fun.  Commit to running each and every day that Rev3 is out there, and be willing to log your miles.  Help in fundraising.  We’ll be competing against other virtual teams for the chance to win FREE ENTRY FOR FIVE to one of Rev3’s races as well as other goodies from Rev3’s sponsors.  Now that’s an awesome deal!  I’ll take care of all the administrative stuff (like registering the team and sending in the mileage we all run)….I just need runners!  If you’re interested in running with me, either leave me a comment below or click on here and send me a note.  Please consider running with me!  We’ll have a blast, and it is all for a great cause.

What is the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults?  UCF works hard to support, educate, connect & empower young adult cancer survivors and their families.  You can learn more about UCF here or here.


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