I’m on Team Rev3 Tri!

So, even though we’re well into February, I don’t think I ever “really” announced that for the third year in a row, I’m associated with Revolution 3 Triathlon!  I’m on Team Rev3 Tri – which previously was known as Team Trakkers.

Rev3 puts on a fantastic series of family-friendly triathlons in some very cool places.  Like amusement parks?  Check.  Water parks?  Check.  Sandy beaches?  Double check.  Places with great history?  Check.  Races that help fight cancer?  Check.  The vibe and environment at Rev3 races is unlike any other national race series.  People are friendly, pro triathletes are accessible, and you’re treated like a person – not a number.  In fact, I like Rev3 events so much that I highly doubt I’ll ever do one of those “other” races again.

This year, Rev3 is not only proud to put on triathlons in ten venues, but they have also partnered with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults to help raise money to support young adults dealing with cancer.  Rev3 is the presenting sponsor for the Half Full Triathlon in October.  Additionally, Rev3 will be raising money for UCF during March and April as they RUN ACROSS AMERICA!  Click the image below to find out more about this great cause and to make a donation.  I, and many of my teammates, will be participating in the run as well (just “virtually”).  Please join us by committing to sponsor one of us as we run each day that the Rev3 crew is out on the road.

I’m joined on the team by 50 other age-group athletes from all over the country.  As you might expect, there are some super fast athletes on the team as well as some folks who live in the middle of the pack.  I’m the token slow guy on the team.  We’re all joined with a singular focus to support and promote each other and Rev3!  Check out the Team Rev3 Tri link at the top of this page for a full listing of folks on the team, as well as their blog & Twitter addresses.

At this point, we’re sponsored by some great companies in addition to Rev3. 


For the third year in a row, Tri-Swim, Tri-Slide and Foggle are sponsoring the team.  Tri-Swim is an amazing suite of body care products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion) that literally vacuum up the smell and effects of chlorine on your skin.  Tri-Slide is the only anti-chafe, anti-friction anti-blister product that is available as a continuous aerosol spray.  This stuff is fantastic for wetsuits (both preventing hot spots and facilitating entry & exit from the suit), awesome for blister prevention, and very good at preventing chafing.  Foggle is a superb anti-fog towellette.

Our swim sponsor this year is none other than Blue SeventyBlue Seventy is well known for their wetsuits (like the Helix), but they also produce high quality swimskins, goggles, swimwear, and tri suits.

I’m very excited that Swiftwick has joined as the official compression sockwear provider.  Swiftwick socks are among the very best compression footwear on the market.  These seamless socks incorporate compression and arch support and blend in great breathability and comfort.

Please check out Rev3, our sponsors, and my amazing teammates!

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