Mumblings on a Monday III

Here’s your weekly dose of randomness from TriMadness:

  • Bathing in Hand Sanitizer:  Over the weekend, I watched the movieContagion – and I’m more than a little creeped out by it.  This movie is about the spread of a viral epidemic unlike any we’ve seen (basically Bird Flu + SARS on steroids) and how the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization react. I thought the movie was pretty good – but as I said, I’m creeped out.  I want to bathe in hand sanitizer, stay away from anyone who sneezes, and not touch any surface at all. 
  • Blown Away:  The last 24 hours in Northeast Florida have been a little on the windy side.  Yesterday, winds were steady at 25 mph, with gusts up to 45 mph.  This amount of wind made for an interesting run yesterday evening to say the least.  With the wind behind me, I felt as if I were running four-minute miles, whereas into the wind it felt like I was running 30 minute miles.  I can only imagine what riding my bike would have been like with that tailwind!
  • Need a Headlight:  My run last night started in the light, but ended in the dark.  And I didn’t carry any sort of flashlight or headlight.  Not a big deal, usually, as most of the areas I run in are fairly well lit up.  Except last night, I didn’t run where I normally run.  I took a route that literally has few streetlights.  Another runner and I almost ran headlong into each other (we dodged with about five feet of clearance), and I almost ran into a tree that had fallen across the sidewalk (see prior bullet about how windy it was).  Since I do much of my running in the dark, I’ve decided I need to get something.  Any recommendations?
  • It’s like CRACK:  I normally don’t eat energy bars.  Back when I was training for Ironman I occasionally ate a Clif bar – and in fact had one in my special needs bag.  I’m normally a liquid nutrition guy.  That may change.  I ate a Powerbar last week, and let me tell you, this was unlike any Powerbar I’ve ever eaten.  Of course, the last time I remember eating a Powerbar was probably 20 years ago, and the bar was…shall we say…not that tasty.  So last week, I tried a Powerbar Harvest Energy Double Chocolate Crisp bar.  Oh. My. God!  It was freaking awesome!  It tasted like a candy bar!  I think I’ve found a bar that I can and will actually eat!
  • Spoke Bracelets:  OK, I know that Valentine’s day has come and gone, but I wanted to share a really cool gift idea for the lady in your life (or for yourself).  Just prior to V-Day, folks at my office set up a table to sell balloons and other gifts; one of the gifts on the table was a very cool looking bracelet.  Upon further inspection, I realized that the bracelets were created out of a bike wheel spoke.  Check out this website to see some of the handiwork – and the cool thing is that the bracelets are only $20 each:
  • Shiny, Happy People:  You may have seen this picture of my Team Rev3 teammate Tim going viral on the web.  Tim is sporting the new Rev3 swimming brief (by  Splish).   And, if you’re hoping to see TriMadness in one of those banana hammocks, don’t hold your breath.  First of all, I didn’t buy one.  Secondly – if Tim’s picture didn’t sear your eyeballs, a picture of me in a suit like this would make you laugh so hard you’d likely tear your abdominal muscles.

    This IS NOT a picture of TriMadness. It's Tim "Mr. Wiggle" Andrus - one of my Team Rev3 teammates - sporting his shiny Rev3 suit