A Triathlete’s Valentine…


Remember back when we were in grade school how we all made nifty little Valentine’s boxes so that all of our classmates could give us a Valentine – preferably one with candy attached?  I’ve often wondered why we stopped doing that?

I mean, who didn’t love getting a little card from someone expressing their desire to be a Valentine (even when they might not have liked us but were forced to give us a card in the spirit of fairness)?  The coolest cards for me were the GI Joe and Star Wars cards…not the puppy and Care Bear cards.  But what made my day (regardless of how cheesy the card) was the quality of the candy attached.  Those heart candies with the phrases on them?  Awful.  Straight to the garbage.  Lollipops?  Always a winner.  Hersey’s kisses?  Check.  SweetTarts?  Be still my beating heart.  A Blow Pop?  I’m in love – will you marry me?

So I wonder if we still had this tradition as adults – and more specifically as triathletes – what would arrive in our Valentine’s box?  How about a little bottle of lube (for your chain, of course)?  A pair of socks?  A can of TriSlide?  A gel or two?

Oh my gosh – as I wrote that list of Tri-type items, I couldn’t help by letting my mind stray into the gutter. 

What say you?  If you were to give a fellow triathlete a Valentine, what would your candy be?  What would your card say?

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day.


3 thoughts on “A Triathlete’s Valentine…

  1. Probably a chocolate gu and a peanut butter gu. Saw a funny review a while back on how wonderful they are together. Or maybe something more practical like new speedlaces or something reflective and bright to wear on these wintery days.

  2. Definitely Chocolate GU (I am not a fan of the chocolate, substitute mine for LIME SUBLIME). Now what would the card say??? “How about a threesome?” or “Life is always better when you TRI”

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